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Fisher F75 LTD2-BLK w/Boost & Cache Modes

$1,499.00 $799.00

The LTD is back for a very limited time, now with 2 Coils
The Fisher F75 LTD2 Black Signature Edition Updated Version with 5" and 11" Coils is here for a very limited time and after that, they will be gone. Includes new improvements to the trademark Boost and Cache modes for finding the deepest possible targets. Attractive all Black design.

11" DD Coil and 5" DD coil
5 Year Warranty

Limited quantity
Don't Miss Out!

with Boost and Cache Process....

"Most folks figured the F75 was stretched to the limit and couldn't be made to go any deeper. Project Engineer John Gardiner has taken the F75 another leap forward with a more powerful microprocessor and new DSP code implementing two new signal algorithms - The "Boost Process" substantially increases depth under most conditions, and the "Cache Locating Process" is designed to find the large deep objects. The F75 is already considered by many to be the best all-around metal detector available, regardless of price. We made the F75 LTD Black Signature Edition even better."

- David Johnson, Chief Designer, Fisher Metal Detectors
more powerful microprocessor...

F75 LTD Features

Process Modes:

Bottle Cap
Plowed Fields
Light weight and well-balanced: best ergonomically engineered detector in the industry.
Intuitive menu-driven user interface
Large LCD Screen with Target Identification
Visual indicators of important values such as:
Target Identification
Target Confidence
Target Depth (both running-depth and pinpoint-depth)
Multiple Search Modes:
Static All-Metal
Motion All-Metal
Double-Filter Discrimination Modes for Searching Trashy Areas
Ground Cancellation Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB
Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph Read Out
Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
Non-volatile memory saves settings
Superior Electrical Interference Rejection
5" Double D & 11" Double D Waterproof Search Coils
Fully Adjustable Armrest
Display Backlight for Night & Low Light conditions
Low Operating Cost - More than 30 hrs with 4-AA Batteries (included)
Covers provided for both the control housing and battery box.
Fisher's 5 Year Warranty
The F75 LTD is a multipurpose metal detector. Its most popular uses are
coinshooting, relic hunting, cache hunting and it is also well-suited to gold prospecting.

Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing mounted on handgrip, 3-piece breakdown, batteries under elbow,
2-way armrest adjustment - forward/backward & around forearm.
Armrest: 2 Way armrest adjustment Forward/Backward & around forearm.
Searchcoil: 11" (28 cm) open-frame elliptical double-D, waterproof.
Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) with alkaline batteries installed.
Static Balance: force in vertical plane normal to elbow 0.47 pounds (0.22 kg).Varies with adjustment and user's
stance and arm/hand physiology.
Dynamic Balance: axial moment, 0.29 foot-pounds (0.39 newton-meters). Varies with adjustment and user's
stance and arm/hand physiology.
Sweep Effort: lateral moment 5.2 foot-pounds (7.1 newton-meters).
Operating Principle: VLF induction balance
Operating Frequency: nominal 13 kHz, quartz crystal timing reference
Ground Balancing Range: From Ferite to Salt, Inclusive
Battery Life: typically 30 hours with high quality alkalines, somewhat less with rechargeables.