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  • MAKRO Pointer Pinpointer

    $149.00 $125.00

    The NEW "MAKRO POINTER" is a Powerful well built Electronic Pinpointer that can be used on Land or Underwater. Designed to meet IP67 Waterproof Standards. Features a 360 Degree detection tip to reach your Target Faster. Flip it Horizontally and you can Easily scan a Larger Area.You can Quickly and Precisely Locate your target with Sound, Vibration, or Both. Sensitivity Control achieves the "Maximum Performance" in any enviroment. Simply adjust the Plus or Minus buttons for Ultimate Performance. The Bright Built-In LED Flashlight illuminates the spot you are searching. Easily see your Target at Night or when hunting in dark locations. The "MAKRO POINTER" Electronic Pinpointer comes with 2 Replaceable Hard Shell Tip Cases. The First one is a Round Smooth Standard Hard Shell protection Tip and the Second is a hard-shell tip with a built-in Scraping Blade. Both prevent wear of the Detection Tip. Also Included with the Purchase of a you get a Nice Padded Protective Zippered Storage Carry Pouch with Shoulder Strap Plus a "Finds Bag", "Belt Holster", "9 Volt Alkaline Battery" and Instruction Manual. What a Awesome Deal! The "MAKRO Pointer" takes Pinpointing to the "EXTREME!". The Retail Price of the New "MAKRO Pinpointer" is $149.00 plus Shipping, You Pay only $125.00 including FREE USPS Priority Delivery. Purchase with Confidence ! MAKRO SPECIFICATIONS: • FREQUENCY: 11.6 kHz • 4 SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT LEVELS • COIL INTERFERENCE SHIELDING • WATERPROOF HOUSING ( SUBMERSIBLE TO 3 FEET UNDER WATER) • METAL DETECTION WITH AUDIO, VIBRATION, OR BOTH • DIMENSIONS: 9.4" x 1.9" x 1.9" • DETECTION TIP: 3.7" • WEIGHT: 9.6 OUNCES WITH BELT HOLSTER, 8.3 OUNCES WITHOUT HOLSTER • BATTERY: 9V (INCLUDED) • BATTERY LIFE: 25 TO 30 HOURS MAKRO POINTER KIT INCLUDES: • MAKRO POINTER PINPOINTER • CARRY POUCH • 2 REPLACEABLE HARD SHELL REPLACEABLE TIP CASES • FINDS BAG • BELT HOLSTER • 9 VOLT INDUSTRIAL ALKALINE BATTERY • INSTRUCTION MANUAL • CARRY POUCH SHOULDER STRAP • 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY PAYMENT: