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  • Teknetics G2 + LTD Metal Detector



    The G2+ LTD is an improved version of the G2 with added features such as FeTone adjustable iron audio, an enhanced V-Break Tone Discrimination system, a new notch mode with adjustable notch width and an adjustable back-light. For a limited time, they will also be available in two camo versions: green and pink (for the ladies!) These new features and colors will set a new standard for this popular relic and gold detector.

    High performance Coin/Jewelry - Relics - Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

    • FeTone - Adjustable Iron audio
    • Enhanced V- Break tone discrimination system
    • Notch mode with adjustable notch width
    • Adjustable back-light
    • Computerized ground grab. One touch ground balance with manual override
    • Unmatched target separation in iron & trash
    • Continuous ground readout - Ground phase value indicates type of mineralization - Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
    • Ground Balance all the way to salt
    • Static all meta pinpoint with depth indicator
    • 19 kHz operating frequency
    • Ultra lightweight - Only 2.5 lb 1.1kg


    Relics - Jewelry - Coins - Gold Prospecting